Six things burglars hate to see

Last week we told you the things that burglars love to see in and around your home or business and how you might be vulnerable to an intruder. This week, we’re going to give you some of the things that burglars HATE to see around your home, and how that might make you safer.

First, hide everything. Think about it. If a burglar can see your brand new flat screen TV through your bay window, it’s screaming: “Take me home with you!” But if a criminal has no idea what is in your home, or even if there is anything valuable, they may pass it up in favor of a home with more valuable on display. If you go away from your home, do not make that apparent to anyone. Leave cars in the driveway. Stop your mail and other deliveries. And advertise your alarm or video camera system, if you have one.

Last week we told you to clean up the perimeter of your property and make it difficult to get into your home or yard. Let’s take that one step further. Burglars hate to look out of place or have any sort of delay. You make think a window or door screen is not much of a barrier. But the process of cutting through that one item takes time. That is time they do not want to waste. And place cacti or other prickly plants below your windows so intruders are met with an unwelcome surprise. If possible, install motion floodlights in your yard to put a spotlight on possible intruders. And even if the burglar does manage to make it inside, hide your valuables or bolt them down. If they can’t find it, they can’t take it.

Burglars hate friendly neighborhoods. They are really just concerned about getting away from the house unnoticed. If you and your neighbors communicate often, any unwelcome activity will probably be noticed. You home should also be largely and clearly addressed. Police need to respond quickly to prevent more damage from being done and potentially apprehend any suspects. But, if they can’t find your house, you’re out of luck.

Do you remember the story of the boy who cried wolf? Well that same principle can be applied to alarms as well. Obviously, we recommend that people get alarm systems in their home to be as protected as possible. However, skimping and buying a low-quality alarm is almost as bad as not having one at all. Sometimes, alarms will go off without reason. This is called a false alarm. But low-quality alarms are much more likely to have false alarms. And after a few of those, police and neighbors are not as gracious with their help.

And another thing that we mentioned last week is security cameras. Burglars absolutely hate security cameras. Several criminals will try to bypass alarm systems, if they think they can. But if they see security cameras, they will move on. Security cameras can catch their faces and body structures. Most alarms cannot. Even if you do not have external security measures in place, keep your home organized and make sure everything is in its proper place. That way, if something is disturbed, it will be easily noticed.

Now you know what burglars love AND hate to see. Take these things into consideration when you know your home is empty or vulnerable.

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